Anti-ageing skincare

Anti-Ageing Skincare

Skincare Specialist in Hereford

Whether you are interested in a single treatment or looking for a more comprehensive programme to improve the health of your skin and appearance – we can help guide you on what is available to achieve your aim.

Love your skin but don’t be fooled!

Avoid skincare products with high profile; glossy unsubstantiated claims as these will serve as a distraction from effective medically proven skincare regimes. Your skin may feel & smell nice with these kinds of products but as you age you may wonder what on earth happened despite all the money you spent. Invest in your skin & it will serve you well!

Emma’s eclectic approach to skin care I don’t feel that any one range of skin care products offers the complete answer. I believe to achieve optimum skin health we need to stimulate our skin cells, protect our skin and hydrate our skin. To achieve this I offer products from various skincare ranges eg Environ, Skinceuticals and Obagi.

“My clients are finding this approach makes a difference and I am happy to offer a free consultation to any new and existing clients who would also like to benefit from a refreshing skincare change.”

REVEAL® Imager Skin Analysis

Emma’s vast Skincare knowledge backed up with the Canfield’s Reveal Imager results in the best Skincare Program for you.

With the Reveal Imager, Emma is able to take pictures of your skin, revealing surface and subsurface pigmentation and vascular conditions.


Reveal Imager to take a picture of your skin to help us pin point specific areas of concern.

The Reveal Imager allows us to fully analyze your skin and to design a treatment plan and skin care regimen specifically for you. As your treatments progress, the Reveal Imager is used to help track the changes and improvements to your skin.


Environ skincare products have created a revolution in the world of beauty. The key ingredient of Environ is the intensive use of Vitamin A and in the right doses. It is this approach that has enabled the amazing results that this range of skin care products achieves. Environ products have a unique way of smoothing the skin and protecting it from the harmful and skin ageing UV rays. The use of Vitamin A also assists the self generation of Collagen and a regeneration of Elastin making the skin look more youthful and healthier.


Here we would like to share a few results of different Environ skincare products. These are case studies on various individuals using Environ products, showing before and after results. Please note: All pictures used are supported by affidavits signed by the trialists that they have not been retouched or modified.

The effects of Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil and Derma-Lac Lotion on severe photoageing.

Using the DF Machine (Environ facials available at salons), home care and Essentia Oil (now known as Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil) on severly sensitive skin.

For uneven skin texture on legs, Environ Body Profile and Essentia Oil (now known as Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil) used with the DF Machine were used to get this result.